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Municipality of Rakovski and Community Center “St.st.Cyril and Methodius” organizes VIII International Festival of Mummers and Masquarade games “Kukove-Rakovski” on February 12 and 13, 2010. This traditional Festival gathers for more than 2000 disguised participants from Bulgaria and other countries.  The Festival is the first big cultural celebration in our town for the year 2010.
There are some score components for Bulgarian groups. Groups from foreign countries will not be scored.
All groups will submit the application form not later than November 30, 2009.
Groups from foreign countries must not exceed 30 members. They will have two presentations. The first presentation will be for 15 min. at the evening of February 12, 2010, and 10 min. after the street parade at the morning of February 13, 2010.
The Organizing Committee provides food and accommodation. The participants undertake the travel expenses.


Rakovski 4150, District of Plovdiv
1 Bulgaria Sqr.
Municipality administration
tel: + 359 3151 2260
fax: + 359 3151 2361
e-mail: oa-rakovski@rakovski.bg
Rakovski 4150, District of Plovdiv
23 Moskva Str.
Community Center “St.st Cyril and Methodius
tel/fax: + 359 3151 2141
e-mail: kukove.rakovski@gmail.com